Demolition: The Benefits of Conducting a Demolition Project

If you have a tired domestic or commercial property, you might be weighing up either demolition or renovation as your main options. While this is often the case, demolition can be the preferable of the two.

Why? Well, there are many benefits of conduction a demolition project over renovating. So, if you’re wondering why demolition services are a good idea, feel free to read on!

The Benefits of Conducting a Demolition Project

1. You have a clean slate

The most obvious reason for conducting a demolition project is that you have a clean slate to work with. Starting with a plot of land rather than a building gives you much greater scope for the project’s later stages and means you can be more creative with your ideas.

Similarly, it gives you greater potential for more easily incorporating new features that might have been lacking in the old building, such as outdoor space, parking, and more.

2. It’s easier to improve safety standards

Building safety regulations have come a long way in recent years and updating an existing building to conform, particularly if it hasn’t been touched in a while, can become incredibly expensive.

After all, safety is one of those things that you simply can’t avoid. So, arranging demolition services might seem like a costly option initially, but if you took a look at the money you’d spend on safety it won’t seem as bad.

3. You can utilise more modern construction methods

The main purpose of demolition is to make way for new projects. Importantly, these new projects can utilise more advanced construction methods and materials. While you might have been able to add these onto the existing building, it makes sense to start fresh if you have the option.

Modern building styles are vastly different to those of the past, too. We now favour large windows and open spaces, which weren’t possible with traditional building techniques. Arranging demolition allows you to just start from scratch.

4. A professional company will get it done quickly

It’s unlikely you’d consider doing a demolition project yourself. But if you did, your progress would be quite slow because you’d have to do it all by hand. There’s only so much demolition you can do with a sledgehammer and determination.

Hiring a London demolition company, however, will get the job done much quicker. A professional company has access to tools and equipment you don’t, meaning it can tackle much larger projects with greater ease. And, the sooner the demolition is done, the sooner you can move on to the next stage.

5. Professional demolition services offer greater protection

A demolition project will have strict boundaries, particularly London demolition due to the urban nature of the environment. While it can be tempting to go at your structure with a sledgehammer, not tackling the project properly could result in damage to other structures.

However, using a professional London demolition company will ensure that everything you don’t want demolished will be protected. A professional company will make itself aware of the relevant boundaries before work starts. What’s more, they’re precise enough in their work that they could demolish a building and leave its foundations intact, which is beyond the skills of someone with a sledgehammer.

6. Demolition can often be environmentally responsible

Depending on a structure’s age, demolishing it could become dangerous. Although not as common as it was, asbestos is still present in many older buildings. In this case, the most environmentally responsible thing to do is demolish it.

But, this sort of thing is best handled by a London demolition company. There are very strict regulations around dealing with hazardous building substances, and it’s not something you’d want to try yourself.

Demolition services will also help with non-hazardous substances. For example, conducting a demolition project with a professional company often ensures the waste products get recycled where possible, or at the very least disposed of properly.

You probably won’t have the same options when taking care of this work yourself. Sure, you could probably take the waste to your local rubbish centre, but that’s just another job to handle. Demolition services offer this as part of the whole project.

7. It offers better compliance with local regulations

Along with health and safety regulations, there are numerous other codes you must comply with when arranging a demolition project. Knowing all of these in advance can take a long time, and missing even one or two could jeopardise the later stages of your project.

But conducting a proper demolition project ensures you comply with all necessary regulations put in place by the local council. A London demolition company will know exactly what needs to be done for a compliant project in the city and will be aware of any recent changes that could slip by you.

The Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Demolition

While it’s usually entirely possible for you to take care of demolition yourself, hiring a professional demolition services company is often the logical way forwards.

Most importantly, a demolition company consists of experts for just this type of work. In much the same way that you’d hire experts for anything else, so too should you hire experts when demolishing any kind of structure.

This is true regardless of the scale of the project. Handling something small-scale on your own can be tempting, but even then you’d benefit from the expertise and equipment a professional London demolition company can offer.


As you can see, there are plenty of benefits to conducting a demolition project. Whether you want to extend your home, make use of a property you’ve bought, or something else, demolition can often be a logical way to start making changes.

If you need a London demolition company, contact Demoway Construction Services for assistance. We have more than 30 years of experience in London demolition and are intimately aware of local safety codes and regulations. We can get the job done quickly and efficiently so you can move onto the next stages in no time at all.

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